Counselling services

We all need someone to listen, understand and support us in times of need and that’s exactly what counselling is – someone to confide in when the going gets tough.


There are different techniques available for different clients and scenarios.


With no medicines or pills to swallow, this kind of therapy is suitable for a wide range of clients.


Sessions take place in a confidential, comfortable and non-judgmental environment.

We’ve all heard the phrase – “a burden shared is a burden halved” and its a very accurate statement. Whether you only need some short-term support or a long-term professional relationship – due to a stressful or demanding job for example, counselling is a great way to get the support you need.

There’s no need to feel judged and everything discussed is totally confidential. Being able to tell someone exactly what you are feeling is often a very liberating experience. Pent up anger or frustration can often disappear in just a few sessions, leaving you to concentrate on the positives in your life or situation.

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