phobia is a type of anxiety disorder, it can usually be a persistent fear of an object or situation which people will tend to avoid. There are different types of phobias and many can be treated with Hypnotherapy, counselling and CBT (cogitive behavioural therapy)

Many of us have to adapt our lives to cope with a troublesome phobia. Whether it’s a common phobia such as motorway driving phobia, fear of needles, spider phobia or something such as a button phobia.

Curing phobias is often simple with hypnotherapy, with results being seen often following the first session. Hypnosis is great at curing phobias – and it could be the answer for you!

Phobia treatment sessions cost just £65 and on average our clients need just 3 sessions*. If you would like to join the many people who now enjoy freedom from their phobias then why not book your FREE initial consultation.

Kismet’s personal experience

In May 2012, Kismet managed to conquer one of her phobias which was a fear of heights. For charity she abseiled down the 420ft Lift Tower in Northampton and faced her fear head on…..and won. In the process she raised well over £200 for one of our local charities, The Lowdown and also produced a 4-part Self-help series for overcoming simple phobias

I hope you find the 4-part self help clips helpful, if you would like to discuss this further then please get in touch.

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